Garden eye candy

This week there was a common theme: as classes of children entered the garden at their allotted time, at least one child per class would comment on how different things looked.

I began to meet students closer to the entrance as they arrived, stopping them at a different vantage point, and asking each to share one change they noticed in the garden. The question really engaged students who not only began looking and sharing, they also began asking questions and great dialogues followed.

Here are some of the sights they observed:

What’s happening in your garden or nature that has made your stop and stare? Share some pictures or words with us!


About Green Chimneys Garden

Green Chimneys was founded on the belief that children will benefit from their interaction with nature and animals. Horticulture comes to life in our educational school gardens, allowing Green Chimneys students to heal, learn, and grow. Learn more about about our nature-based approach to special education by visiting
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10 Responses to Garden eye candy

  1. Jane Weisbrot - Mom of Eric Weisbrot says:

    LOVE my garden at home! Saw a swallowtail sailing by and the yellow iris in our pond started blooming, Noticed a robin nesting in one of our evergreens and my peonies are about to bloom!

  2. zmusashi says:

    The barrenness has been replaced by green everywhere, so nice, even though many would be considered weeds (or herbs to those in the know). Unfortunately that means the poison ivy is back, with a vengeance, as usual, even though I thought I got it all out in the fall! Planted a few tomatoes and pepper plants. This has been a long, slowly unfolding spring, the best in years in my opinion, and now the lushness is so beautiful and fulfilling.

  3. zmusashi says:

    You and your students’ Green chimneys garden is off to a healthy and gorgeous, colorful, start!

  4. Nicole Piccone says:

    It has been a slow start ! I am motivated by the Pictures and story above abou the Green Chimneys garden. It gives me faith and hope that thing i have planted will take off and be stronger then ever. It is amazing the amount of Cardinals we have seen so far and yes the woods have totally transformed in a matter of days, even the trees we thought were down and out , are up and thriving, Just like all the great kids at Green Chimenys. Thanks for all you do !

  5. Great analogy, I love it!

  6. Valorie Appio says:

    Gardens are looking GREAT!!! GOOD INSPIRATION TO GET MY PLANTS IN!!!=-)

  7. garden98110 says:

    Wow! What a great garden.

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